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It is not only products that sell; it’s also the people behind it.

We find the perfect match between your needs and executive talents.

Getting to know our clients inside-out is a key part of our success story. Once we have an in-depth understanding of a company’s needs, we set our search tools in motion with excellent prospects of matching the right people with the right positions.

Our Workflow:

  • Understanding the challenges and opportunities within your industry.
  • Understanding your unique corporate culture.
  • Recognizing the challenges unique to you and your situation.
  • Identifying the candidates best suited to your needs.

Before we begin the search process, we take the time to gain a precise insight into the company brief and a thorough knowledge of candidates’ ambitions and strengths.

With this important groundwork, we can then identify and screen potential candidates from a wide pool of international executives in a way that aligns accurately with a company’s business, strategy and culture. Delivering credible candidates systematically and matching the right talent with the right role in the most efficient way possible.

We remain in continuous dialogue with all stakeholders throughout the search, evaluation and negotiation process, right through to selection and onboarding. Always focused on the best possible outcome for genuine value creation in the long term.


We know that one-on-one professional coaching has the power to let people gain self-awareness, build on their strengths, discover new perspectives and full potential of business personalities and drive their career successful forward.

Our Key coaching elements

Once a relationship based on trust and rapport is established, the coach challenges thinking and assumptions to support the individual in their goal setting. Key elements of the coaching include:

  • A short introductory meeting – to understand the individual’s context and goals and provide an ‘chemistry check’
  • Defining the individual’s coaching objectives – encompassing both short term goals and longer term aspirations.
  • Flexible structure – A format determined by the client’s agenda and needs.
  • Bespoke interventions – to raise awareness, reflect on strengths and challenges, and focus action.
  • Constant evaluationOngoing support to produce realistic and effective strategies for action, ensuring sustained change long after their coaching has finished.

We believe that one-on-one professional coaching has the power to let people gain self-awareness, build on their strengths and discover new perspectives and fields of potential.

A candidates Curium Vitae says a lot, but really it is just the tip of the iceberg.

We are interested in the bigger picture, the whole person and what drives our candidates. With this detail information, we help them to build on their strengths, discover new perspectives and fields of potential.

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