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Your company is planning to enter the European market or expand its European operations?


The Steps:

  • Where would you like to expand?
  • What are the opportunities and UniqueSellingPoints for your company?
  • How can we help ?
  • What are the next steps?
  • What are the goals?

Skilful and competitive Finnish companies find plenty of interesting business opportunities in other countries. We help you find these opportunities, recognize the potential, help you with the acquisition of new clients and transform your potential into a profitable business in the European market.

We also help you make your company more international and plan with you how to move forward.

We offer your company key contacts and networking opportunities in different European markets. Our networks provide unique support for Finnish companies seeking European success.

The foundation for the services we offer is comprehensive market knowledge and an excellent understanding of sector and business operations in Europe.

  • Consulting for European expansion
  • Training for European expansion
  • Sales support in Europe

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Johanna Pfeiffer

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